Thursday, March 22, 2012

More/Less Fun Times in London

Day 5 in London...

To start off my morning on a bad note, I was not given a wake up call.  So, I got a call at 0900 asking where I was.  I quickly got dressed, got my hair looking presentable, and was downstairs in 5 minutes.  We then were in a hurry to get on the tube, and never stopped moving.  Keep in mind I woke up only 7 mins prior by the time we reached our tube.  So now, with that in mind, it did not make my tummy feel very well, and I started to feel shaky and queasy.  Feeling like this, I opted out of the British Museum, and London Eye, and went back to the hotel.

Very Upsetting.

But I rested and ended up feeling better. 

Then around 1800ish, we went to see "39 Steps".  This play was Hilarious!!!!!  I laughed so hard I couldn't stand it! 

So now tomorrow I will try the British Museum again with my good friend Melissa.  Along with the museum tomorrow, we will also be going to Chinatown, and finally out to dinner!  This will be our last night in London. ( I am making a sad face now!) 

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  1. Yes I agree with you wholeheartedly London is the best place for trip.