Wednesday, March 21, 2012

More Fun Times in London

So Day 4 in London was my favorite day so far I think. 

We started off in the Tower of London... SO COOL!  I was able to see the final resting place of one of my idols, Anne Boleyn!  We were able to see the White Tower on the inside where there were interesting pieces of armor, the block and axe that they used to behead many people, and even (to my delight...) orbs in some pictures...  Plus on top of that we got to see the CROWNED JEWELS!!!  So breathtaking... Although we could not take pictures!

(Left, look in the hallway; Right, look at the top of the picture by the green sign.  There was not way to explain it, it was just plain freaky)

We also saw the "Neptune Building", with Neptune (Poseidon) facing out to sea.  Along by that building, there was a memorial for all those fallen at sea.  So moving!  By the memorial for the fallen Navy, there was a memorial dedicated to the unfortunate people on the very site the even took place.  Just the thought of all that murder made me cringe!

After the Tower of London, we went on the Dickinson Walking Tour.  3 hours of straight walking where Charles Dickinson got his inspiration... And let me tell you, I can understand why.

We then went to dinner where we had the traditional Fish and Chips.  Oh yeah, and a dessert called "Topsy Turvy".  (I think...)

Now after all that walking, I came back to the hotel.  Not that I wanted to, it is just my feet were screaming at me!  Walking from 0800-1900 can be quite painful I found out! 

So now tomorrow we will be visiting The British Museum, and then later that night going to the theater performance "39 Steps".  I will post more pics if I am able to.

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