Monday, March 26, 2012

Last Day for an American in Paris!

So this is my last day on my week and a half long vacation.  It makes me sad because I feel like I didn't even see all that London/Paris had to offer.

Yesterday, we went on a 3 hour tour, but for any Gilligan Island fan's out there, it was by bus.  We drove all around the city, and then I headed back to the hotel for a few hours to rest my feet, while the others went to Versailles. 

Then later that night we went on a boat tour down the river Sane.  After the tour, we waited for all of our group members, I ended up getting a great deal on some souvenirs, but that was the least excitement of the day!

I saw my life flash before my eyes when I got caught in between the Metro (Subway) doors.  This was caused by my fellow group members not heeding our Tour Directors advice when she said get on as quickly as possible.  (Side note, other group members claimed I was the slow one... I can only go as fast as everyone else... Okay, Rant over!)

Then we saw the twinkling lights on the Eiffel Tower at 2200.  I can not express how breathtaking this sight was, and tried to take pictures, but there was no justice given!  So Beautiful!

And for today...

We started out by going to a perfume museum.  Very boring to be quite honest, but the perfume smelt pretty.  (I ended up buying a small bottle at 19 Euros...)

After the museum, we were free.  I opted to see 2 sites, Notre Dame and Jim Morrison's grave.  Both areas were very peaceful, and awe inspiring!

So now, it is bed time, and I must bid my foreign travel farewell.  We are departing for America at roughly 0500!  So early, and it will be hard to get focused, but then again, I get to see my family.

 Farewell for now Followers!

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