Sunday, March 18, 2012

Finally in London!

So, Here we are, in the historical beautiful UK! 

The plane ride over was awful.  It was delayed an extra 4 hours, so that is MORE TIME TO HURRY UP AND WAIT at the AIRPORT!  OYE!  Then once we were on the plane, I was (literally) stuck in the middle.  (Not exactly how I envisioned it...)  After what seemed like forever, we were here!  While we were up the air, the clouds were so beautiful that I felt that I was as close as I could get to heaven alive. 

We then walked about a mile and a half around the airport, and made it through customs... (Definitely not as bad as I thought it would be.) 

After that, we claimed our checked luggage, P.S.  None of ours got lost, and finally met up with the transportation to the hotel.  This is where my story takes a not so pleasant turn...

While in the plane, I felt a little sick, but nothing bad, but then our crazy driver got ahold of my stomach!  I ended up missing our first excursion to the heart of London because my stomach had other plans for me... Needless to say, very disappointing... 

However, I am now feeling better, and eating London's version of a bacon cheeseburger with chips (AKA fries) and coleslaw.

Tomorrow we are going to the heart of London again, via chunnel, to go see Windsor Castle.  I am extremely excited about this, and am anticipating plenty of pictures!

Til Tomorrow my followers!

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