Tuesday, March 20, 2012

More London!

Hello one and all!

First, I would like to apologize for not posting last night.  The day was packed full of sightseeing and I was exhausted.  So let me tell you how the last 2 days were...

We started our day out with breakfast at 0745.  We then left the hotel at 0840 to begin our sightseeing journey.  We all flocked onto a bus where we met our tour guide for the day, Stuart.  He had a light hearted, but very knowledgeable air about him, and we defiantly enjoyed the information he gave us, along with his "down to earth" take on "The British".

We first went to see Windsor Castle.   This was such an awe striking experience that is etched in my memory forever. 

We toured King Charles II apartments, but were unable to take pictures inside.  We saw The Queens Dollhouse, Paintings and armor of Centuries of rulers (like King Henry VIII), china, old beds, and rooms and rooms of history.

On the outside, we were able to see the oldest tower, built in the 1100's, the famous Rapunzel Tower, and of course, the guards!

From there we were able to walk around Windsor village, where we were able to get souvenirs and a bite to eat.  I wish I was able to tell you that we had a traditional British meal, but sadly, we all had either chicken nuggets or burgers.

We then got back on the bus, where we made our way to Buckingham Palace.  We were told that The Queen would be arriving, but sadly, we missed her.  Very upsetting.

We again, got back on the bus where we were taken to Westminster Abby.  YES, THE place where Prince William and Catherine Middleton were married a year ago!  I got tears in my eyes with all the information overload.

And Yes, Westminster Abby is right by Big Ben, and I was able to catch a picture of The British Parliament, and Big Ben.

We then made our final stop at St. Pauls Cathedral, where back in 1981 history was made when Prince Charles married Lady Diana Spencer.  Along with that, we were also able to see original rubble left from the air raids during WWII.  Very Moving!

After all that, our day was over, we went to a vegetarian restaurant, (Yucky by the way!) and came back to the hotel.

OK!  That was all day one.

 Day 2 was a lot less interesting however.  Me and 2 others in my group opted out of the extra excursion, so we slept in, and went shopping, where we saw those robot looking people, and had our pictures taken with them! 

That is all from me today.  Please tune in another day, because tomorrow is... THE TOWER OF LONDON!!!!!!!!!!!

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