About Moraine Park's Experience-Based Learning

Hello. I am Dr. Caron Daugherty, Dean of General and International Education. I relocated to Wisconsin from Missouri in January 2011, at which time I started with Moraine Park. I am from Springfield, Mo., where I was an English faculty member and program director at Ozarks Technical Community College. In addition to my professional experiences with OTC (and Missouri State University as a transfer advisor), I completed my doctorate through the University of Missouri-Columbia and both the master’s in English and Literature and the bachelor’s in English from Missouri State University.
When I was young I loved the short story, The Bremen Town Musicians. I read it constantly. On my first trip abroad—outside of Canada and Mexico—I was strolling along the cobblestone streets of Bremen, Germany, with a friend, and while chatting and visiting, I looked up and saw the most beautiful statue I had ever seen. AH! The Bremen town musicians were memorialized in bronze, guarding the town’s square. I could not have been happier! I have their mug, the Christmas ornament, etc.
That first international experience opened doors for me I would have never imagined – Dr. Seuss was right: “Oh! The places you can go!” Since that first walk down a German street, I have enjoyed a pint with a salty old fisherman in a centuries-old London pub; left flowers in memory of Princess Diana at the Kensington Palace gates; slept in the cold, overnight chill of the dark Sahara desert in northern Africa; bartered with carpet traders on the streets of Fez in Morocco; walked the star-shaped 1626 Kastellet Military Barracks in Copenhagen; and witnessed the icy, angry rage of the violent North Sea in RingkÇ¿bing, Denmark. In June 2011, I will attend a wedding at a coastal castle outside Glasgow, Scotland; walk in the WWII-era divot my great-uncle’s fighter jet left when it spiraled out of control after colliding with a German plane; and allow luxurious Belgium chocolate to melt away as I nibble it in Brussels. These experiences remind us of our common connections and experiences with others—whether we are German, British, Moroccan, or American.
Please join us as we find the places we can go and the people we can meet. I’m pretty confident you’ll have one of those “aha” moments as well…

Upcoming Trips:
January 2013 -- Costa Rica Program-Building Trip
January 2013 -- Morocco Familiarity Trip (Students 2014/Shared with Madison)
March 2013 – London City Stay
May 2013 – Germany Exchange Trip

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Dr. Caron Daugherty
920.924.3163 (office)
920.924.6411 (fax)