Friday, September 30, 2011

The Weekend Review

Welcome back! This past weekend was filled with fun events and a lot of fun with the Germans. It all started on Friday September 23, 2011, when the Germans students and instructors were invited to a “Meet and Greet” at Moraine Park Technical College with Dr. Sheila Ruhland. They enjoyed food made by students from the Culinary Arts program. Afterwards students went shopping to catch some deals on the latest fashions. That night a group of us drove down to Milwaukee for a Day/Glow concert. As we entered the city area the German students were in awe of the scenery. This concert included all types of techno/ electronic music which included paint. People were able to toss around paint and dance to the music playing on stage. We were there for about four hours, although it felt we were there all night, but it was a lot of fun so it was worth it! Our clothes looked like tie dyes from all the paint colors. The German students enjoyed themselves; they said this was their first time going to an event like this.

Saturday September 24, was another day of shopping. Some people headed down to sweet home Chicago; while others headed up north to Appleton to some of the stores they hadn’t seen yet. After I was done with work I took my guest Philip, and some other friends, to my job at Qdoba to have supper. They enjoyed the fresh Mexican cuisines that were offered; it was so good, they couldn’t stop eating their meal. After being full we went to Wal-Mart to walk off our meal, and to do some grocery shopping. We compared and contrasted what foods were offered in America and Germany. There were some things that they never heard or tried before, so I decided to buy them so they can try them.

Sunday September 25, was a big day for me because the Bears and Packers game was on. Me, being a huge Bears fan, and not liking the Packers as known as “cheese heads,” I was excited to show the Germans students a traditional American football rivalry game. I hosted a Bears/Packers game at my house. All of us chipped in on food such as chips, candy, fried chicken, and other side dishes for the typical tailgate food in America. The football game was a good intense game, although it almost looked like my Bears could’ve made a comeback to beat the Packers, but they fell short. Of course, all the cheese heads made fun of me and were cheering about their victory, but it was all fun and games.

The weekend concluded as we watched a little more football and started to get organized for the week ahead. This week school started for the German student so they can learn about different subjects in America compared to German culture. The German students must do a presentation about a particular subject title they were assigned to. These titles range from German sports to German foods and these presentations are held from September 28 to September 30.

Until next time, hasta luego!
Lee IV

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