Friday, September 23, 2011

Our German Friends Arrive

Well it looks like everyone is here. We welcomed our guests at the Dane County Regional Airport yesterday and it was a mix of reunions and new meetings. Some of our student hosts have not yet travelled to Germany while others greeted their former hosts from May 2011.

Tom Endejan (MPTC Culinary Arts Baking Instructor) and I have been planning for our guests' arrival for quite some time now. We have a number of activities planned including a cave crawl, a yacht excursion and an afternoon tea, as well as a number of other doings.

Today, the culinary students welcomed some of  their German friends to visit their classes. Bagels and Lavosh were prepared in Mr. Endejan's class as were a number of sauces in Mr. Libby's class. Let's be frank; no one went home hungry.

I will keep everyone updated as the visit progresses...


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