Friday, October 7, 2011

The Days Are Fast

Wednesday, September 28, was a fun, long productive day. It started off with my baking class. We finished making our Danishes and croissants. They came out really tasty and had a nice brown color to them. Learning how to make these pastries from scratch is really cool because I was able to make my own design and flavor. These are one of baking’s most popular selling items. After we packaged them, we put them on the selling rack, and the pastries are disappearing by the moment. In my next food production class we made breakfast sandwiches from bagels to wraps using eggs as the main ingredient. Everyone in class had a unique way of making their sandwiches, and those turned out really good too.

After class we got organized to see what the plans were for the night. We decided we could do a little shopping before we headed to Oshkosh, Wisconsin for dinner. The restaurant we picked was Red Robin “yumm.” I figured this was a good place for an excellent American burger. Some people had a difficult time trying to figure which burger they wanted to try, but when it was time to order they decided. Once the food came each person was satisfied with the food they picked. The burgers were warm, juicy and tasty. I have to say it hard to get a better than Red Robin. Later in the night we came back to my house, played pool, watched television and listened to music. It seemed like everybody was having a good time.

On Thursday, September 29, there was a tea party held for the German students. This event was prepared by Instructor Lois’ production class. They did an excellent job on prepping all the food and drinks. I missed this event because I had to work, but I heard nothing but good things about the tea party. At night we went paintballing at Do It All Sports in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin at night. Some people were a little nervous and chickened out for paintballing, but the brave ones came and played. Twelve of us played, and it turned out to be a good thrill. We split into teams to face one another. The anticipation of getting the first hit or getting hit by a paintball can be exhilarating. After playing five rounds of paintballing we finished early since it got dark outside. We headed inside to turn in our gear and talked about our bruises from the paintballs. We all agreed going paintballing was a good choice and hopefully we can go again.

Now it’s time to get ready for the weekend, which is sadly the last weekend for the German students already. Until then I’m going to enjoy every moment with them and hopefully you enjoy my future blogs.

Lee IV

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