Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Germans Are Here!

After waiting three months for the Germans to come to America, the day finally came! On Thursday September 22, 2011, students from Germany landed in Madison, Wisconsin. I couldn’t wait much longer to see them because I made some good friends when I went to Germany in May 2011. Five carloads drove down to Madison to pick up the Germans at Dane County Regional Airport. As we got there the anticipation of seeing them was filled with joy. Once we entered the airport we all hugged one another, took pictures, and laughed about the good times in Germany.  After we left the airport we decided to get some grub at East Town Mall food court in Madison. Some of the Germans were tired, hungry and overwhelmed, but they were in good spirits to be in America.
Once we finished eating at various restaurants located in the food court, we walked the mall to check out some of the stores. It was a little funny to see some of their faces because some of the stores we have here they don’t have in Germany. They were oh my goodness ya have stores like Abercrombie & Fitch, Victoria Secret and so on here. I guess at times I take for granted of the stores we have here since I see them all the time, so to me it’s normal. Seeing their faces was priceless.  Shortly after, we talked about some of our plans for the week and departed home.
Our journey back to Fond du Lac was a smooth ride. As I took a look back in the van I saw majority of the Germans already sleeping; some of them had already been awake for a day so they were ready for bed. Once we reached home I introduced my hosts to my housemates and took a tour around to the house. I basically told them to make themselves at home because they are more than guests, and I wanted them to feel like this was their home away from home.  After unpacking, my hosts were off to bed waiting for the exciting days ahead.
Here goes Day 1 stay tuned for more to come!
Lee IV

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