Friday, May 27, 2011

This Just In:

Hello everyone, James just got a hold of me on e-mail, he has difficulties accessing the website from his host's internet. And so, as I am so very kind, I will post for him.

Hi, this is James. I am sorry that no one has heard from me yet but I am having trouble accessing our blog from my host´s home. So I have asked Ben to post this for me.

So far it has been a wonderful trip, touring the city of Darmstadt, visiting local restaurants and generally just doing a lot of sightseeing. The only low point so far was the plane ride. It was about eight hours long and I couldn´t sleep because Ben, who was sitting behind me, kept trying to start the leaf blower he had snuck on board.

Today we are planning to go tree climbing. I know that sounds odd but it is basically a chance to go through obstacle courses set through the trees at 10 - 30 feet above the ground. Here is a link to better explain it, although it is in German. The students think the old teacher won´t be able to keep up, but I know better than that. Iam particularly looking forward to beating Ben and Haley.

Until next time...


Ah, and as we have already done the Parkour I would like to announce that James did not succeed in beating Haley and I, we both accomplished the black level (hardest one there, it was insane!), however I was very pleased to see James finish several courses and I think he is still able to walk,although I have not seen him today.... (dramatic cliffhanger music)


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  1. Haley and Ben. I ask of you to say Hi to everyone for me. I really wish I could have made it there with you guys. I know we would of had a blast. Hope you have a great time and dont party too hard. Haley if you see Nami tell him I want to talk to him sometime when he has the chance. Thanks Bye
    Brian Black