Saturday, May 28, 2011

Finally on the Blog

Hello All,

Well I am finally connected and able to post to the blog. Of course we still don´t know what happened to Haley...

Today we visited the castle of Heidelburg, about 60 kilometers south of Darmstadt. The castle is about 400 years old and built into the side of a mountain. Although some parts are in ruins, many parts of the building still stand. It´s pretty amazing to realize that this monsterous building was made to house two people and their family.

After visiting the castle and grounds, we toured the old part of town, including a church built in 1698. Amazing.

I ended the day with a meal of lamb and pommes frittes accompanied by a locally brewed wheat beer. I followed this with an ice cream sundae drizzled with chocolate liquor and sour cherries. After all, I´m not here to diet and Germany has the BEST ice cream ever.

Till next time


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