Tuesday, May 31, 2011

One Last Day

So I had a blog written up to go with the last post, which was an accidental one. However, prior to me being able to post it, I must have fallen asleep, and my computer did not have the opportunity to save what I had written.

My last day in Darmstadt was great, yet sad. I went to a class with my host, Christian, and then went up to Louisenplatz to do some shopping, mostly to kill a few hours. We went out for lunch afterwards, having a D├Âner. These things are just delicious, and I was so happy to find a place that made them, as we were looking for quite some time. After that, we met up with our hosts at the Peter Behrens Schule.

At the school, the culinary students worked together with the German hosts to prepare the final meal that we were going to enjoy together. I made some goulash, a pork and beef braised dish, I was pretty impressed with how it turned out, as I hadn't made it before. Other things on the menu included rouladen, white asparagus, potatoes, a green sauce, and some bread stuffing rolls, I would call them that anyway. There was some chocolate torte and some berries with creme fraiche (I think, I did not have enough room for this). It was a splendid time, and I was glad that we all made it there to enjoy each others company one more time.

I do not know much, I am a mere 21 years old. But I know that I will miss both the new and the old friends that I have made here in Darmstadt. They have been nothing but hospitable, gracious and kind to all of us, and I cannot ever repay that. I can not wait until September, when I will get the chance to reciprocate such hospitality. I thank all of you from the bottom of my heart for everything.

I must get going, I have like one half hour to pack up. Do not panic, I am like this all the time, ask any of my teachers...

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