Friday, October 7, 2011

The Weekend Wrap Up

This was the last weekend for the German students being in Fond du Lac, WI. It’s been a lot of fun hanging out with them. I became closer with them and learned more things than the first time I met them in May 2011. We all became family because we all experience the typical life in both countries. The weather was not so good, but that did not prevent us enjoying every moment with them. I came to realize how twelve days can go so fast. At first I thought the German students would be here for a long time, but actually it flew past like a blur.

On September 30, the German students came to Moraine Park Technical College for one last time to finish off their presentation and take group pictures. Afterwards they went to their host house and waited for the weekend activities. For dinner some hosts made some home cooked meal, as for me I went with some people to an Italian restaurant in Fond du Lac, WI named La Sicilia. This restaurant had good foods which are freshly made every day, and was less crowded than Ala Roma. The German student’s enjoyed their pizza and pasta. Afterwards of course we went to Target to get more food and a little shopping. Then we all went to a friend’s house to hangout playing games and watch television. Since we had to wake up early the next morning we did not stay too long. So we had a good night of rest to get ready for our cave tour.
On Saturday October 1, we got up around 7:30 a.m. to get ready for our Cave tour at Ledge View Nature Center in Chilton, WI. The tour was held by an Aussie lady who had an awesome accent and was an excellent tour guide. As we entered the cave some people didn’t last, so they headed back to wait until the tour was done. The brave ones challenged themselves to continue to go through the cave. Some parts of the cave were difficult because of tight angles crawling through. This adventure tour is an amazing sight to see in person, it is amazing the things you see underground. The cave tour took about two hours due to the size of our group. We did not get as dirty as I expected since the cave was dry from the lack of rain throughout the summer. Afterwards we went home to shower to get cleaned up before going to the mall in Appleton, WI. I stayed back to work on my homework and do my guests and my laundry. Once the German students and host came back from Appleton they all came to my house to hangout, play cards, and play pool. We played for a long time, and didn’t get to sleep until late but it wasn’t a problem since we were able to sleep in the next day.

Sunday October 2, was the last day of events for the German students. As I woke up I was shocked to notice the weather outside was finally nice. Although I wish the weather was nicer all week, but I was not complaining. For lunch we went to Qdoba which was delicious, you can never go wrong with freshly made food. Then we drove to Green Lake, WI for our boat tour of Green Lake at the Heidel House. We couldn’t ask for a perfect day for a tour, the breeze was pleasant. We saw some unique houses on the lake, and to see the colors of the trees were remarkable. Afterwards we headed to Instructor James’ house for our Farewell dinner. Since it was so nice out we decided to play some American football in the yard along with some yard games. It was nice seeing everybody having a good time talking to one another and enjoying being outside. Shortly afterwards it was time to eat which was prepared by Instructors James and Bill. They did an excellent job making tenderloins on the grill served with mashed potatoes, roasted corn, and peppers. Then a bonfire was started, we all sat around the fire and started to sing, playing guitars and remembering the priceless moments we had these past twelve days. Towards the end before people started to leave, gifts were passed to the Germans students and instructors for taking part of the exchange program. It was a bitter sweet moment because we were all having a good time, but sad since they were leaving the next morning.

We already talked about our plans when we go to visit them again in May 2012. There is already a countdown starting because we miss them so much. I like to say “never goodbye but instead say I’ll see you later”. Now the next step for the German student is that they would be in Madison Wisconsin then fly off to New York City for four days before flying back to Germany. I’ll make sure to keep their status in my blogs for the upcoming days.Well that’s all for now but more to come!

Lee IV

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