Monday, June 2, 2014

MPTC Students in Germany June 2, 2014

It was a busy day for the students traveling in Germany today. It began with a lot of bustling pots, pans, cutting boards and knives as German and American students worked together to create a traditional German meal. On the menu was Wiener Schnitzel, White Asparagus with Hollandaise,  Roasted Potatoes, Braised Mushrooms in Cream and Fried Bread Dumplings.

After hours of work the final meal was served...

In addition to a great meal Fr. Corinna Haake, an instructor from the Peter Behrens Schule and German wine expert, introduced the students to the basics of wine selection and tasting.

Next on the agenda was a tour of the local Phungstadt Brewery, a traditional German brewer which was established in 1831. The students learned the history of the art of German beer brewing as well as how it is produced today. After the tour, students sampled different beers and snacked on traditional German cold cuts and sausages. Certainly after this day, no one went home hungry.

For more information and more photos, please visit the International Education at Moraine Park Technical College Facebook page or International Education at Moraine Park Technical College Flickr album.

Stay tuned for more updates as we prepare to move on to Italy this week!

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