Friday, January 17, 2014

Students Helping Boys and Girls Club!

Learn how MPTC students are dramatically impacting their community through service-learning! Don't forget to watch the video!

Professor Marla Pearce asked her team building and problem solving class to find a problem in the community and solve it. This team went above and beyond helping the Boys and Girls Club of Jackson.
The group named their team "scope" because they looked into a problem and how to solve it. The "problem" they decided to tackle was the lack of funds and supplies at The Boys and Girls Club of Jackson. Sue Bliese is the director of The Boys and Girls Club of Jackson and was very helpful in working with them by giving the group information. Sue informed the students on what they needed in terms of supplies. The group took the information they were told and brainstormed on how they could help.

The first thing they decided to do to help solve this problem was have a donation drive. The group had a three week drive that was from October 1st- October 18th. To raise awareness of our drive they created and printed out flyers that each group member distributed throughout their neighborhoods and towns. The drop-off locations for any supplies that people wanted to donate were at Jimmy's Restaurant, Walgreens and Associated Bank all located in Jackson.
From the donation drive they received many donations from pencils to furniture and recreational activities. Individually they went out into the community to gather up anything they could. The group managed to get a brand new flat screen TV, couches and chairs, $60 in giftcards, cleaning supplies, snacks, two Foosball tables, an air hockey table and about six-seven big buckets full of miscellaneous toys and other items.

On October 18th the group all met together at the Boys and Girls Club of Jackson and brought all of the donations there.
Click on the video to see the reactions from the children when the MPTC students revealed the donations they collected!

Team Scope did a great job solving a problem in the community!

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