Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Moraine Park German Exchange Program 2013

Hallo wie geht es dir? Which is hello, how are you in German. Last week Thursday fourteen German students arrived from Frankfort, Germany in Madison, Wisconsin. To kick off the new journey in Wisconsin, the German students were welcome by their host.  I was excited to be hosting a German student for the third year in a row. Each time I learn new words, culture similarities and a priceless experience. On Friday, Moraine Park held a Welcome lunch for the German students at Park Terrace!


On the first night I made dinner for my host Danjeil. The meal included a fresh hamburger, sweet potato fries, and a variety of local beers from Wisconsin. The first night was a huge success with my host. I could tell from day one that my host and I have similarities. I am looking forward meeting the other students to expand my connections in Germany. Although my German speaking is not the greatest, but I do plan on improving my conversation skills before the students leave. Until the next blog I will give you an inside look on the activities planned for the German students.  Until then, Ciao!


Lee IV

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