Friday, May 31, 2013


Students, begin planning now for the next travel opportunity with the college. Spring Break 2014 -- Morocco Bound! Experience the magic and mystery of this fascinating kingdom and learn the language, customs, values, culinary classics and daily life in this coastal country in Northern Africa (it is approximately 9 miles from North Africa to Europe across the Straits of Gibraltar!).
 Hot mint tea service. Moroccan tradition has the server pour the tea from 2-3 feet from the glass.
 Fresh Atlantic catch of the day -- fresh grilled.

 Fishing fleets
Spice souk (market--fresh saffron, cinnamon and other spices)

Effective July 1, we will start marketing, promoting and encouraging participation in this adventure to the north of Africa. Our guided trip will be directed by a professional guide out of Madison, and Tom Endejan, culinary faculty, will facilitate the learning for the students. Plan now!!

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