Tuesday, March 5, 2013

London and Paris! Spring Break 2013!

Several students depart for London next week, with a day-trip excursion to Paris included with their travels. While only four students were able to share in the experience last year, this year Ms. Danielle Domenosky grabbed the reins and has orchestrated a great itinerary for the 15 travelers. While the first day includes money exchange, getting settled in the lodging, and grocery shopping, the students will have opportunities to become proficient with London public transportation (London's infamous Tube). In addition, they will visit British classics, such as the Changing of the Guard, the Tower of London, St. Paul's Cathedral, London Bridge, Camden Lock open market and the London Eye. The trip is not all tourism and historical sites -- Danielle has also reviewed the students' program emphasis areas (most travelers are Cosmetology students) and arranged program-specific activities for the students, which in the past has included visits to a London court room, waste-water treatment facilities, IT specialists, and the police department (shadows for the bobbies).

Safe travels to the group from Moraine Park Technical College as they prepare for their departure. We hope to have a student posting blog entries. Updates soon!

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