Friday, November 30, 2012

Service-learning at Moraine Park

Moraine Park is dedicated to opportunities that encourage students to actively engage with community organizations while completing their degree. In September, for instance, the college's Fond du Lac campus hosted its first Community Connections Fair. Another fair is scheduled at the Beaver Dam campus in February 2013. These fairs encourage students to connect with community organizations. I sat in on some student presentations this week. These students shared their service-learning experiences this semester, and an overwhelming majority of students (perhaps all?!) indicated they would continue volunteering with their respective organization. While they were concerned about finding the time, they easily carved the time into their weeks. What's important to note is the relevance the students found with these experiences to their education and life plans.

I was humbled and quite proud of them--and I'm not their instructor! Kudos, Ms. Brenda Schaefer, for the dedication you have as an instructor in connecting your students to our community.

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