Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The Schwenker!!

While listening to NPR one morning last week, a particular broadcast segment perked my ears. The broadcaster was interviewing some German folks in Washington state, and they were talking about how they missed their backyard grills. They built their own Schwenkers and hosted Schwenker parties to recapture a summertime tradition of their own culture related to the backyard grilling party--but with a Schwenker, not a Big Green Egg or a firepit or the gas grill rolled out of the garage. But with a Schwenker. Read or listen to the NPR segment here: Schwenker.

Fortunately, for those students who traveled with us to Darmstadt in June, they experienced the Schwenker in its finest form in its native country. See the photos of culinary instructor Chef James handling the Schwenker earlier this year.

Please consider hosting some students from the Hessen region in a few weeks and then put your name on the list to join us in May/June 2013 to get your own experience of how another culture enjoys their own backyard traditions and summertime festivities.

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