Saturday, June 2, 2012

Dohler: Food & Beverage Ingredients

Rockstar. Red Bull. Energy drinks. Sport drinks. Flavored waters. Juices. This B2B company in Darmstadt is renowned by Coca Cola and other beverage company researchers and chemists, yet everyday consumers have no idea of the influence the Dohler company has in their lives when it comes to flavors and sweeteners. The students were provided a tour of Dohler, where they engaged in taste tests. The liquids in the photos as part of the taste test appear to represent lemon, lime and berry flavorings, but the results were sharp contrasts. The students were reminded to focus on taste and smell rather than color. The group members donned disposable sterile gowns and sterile masks before being allowed to enter the labs, research & development areas, and product shipment zones.

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