Friday, February 24, 2012


While the rest of us long for the longer, warmer days of March (especially on this snowy Friday morning in February), three young folks from Moraine Park will be spending their spring break traipsing the streets of London (and then Paris). In addition to their tours of the splendor that is Windsor Castle, the Tower of London (gawk in awe at the Crown Jewels!), and the British Museum, I hope they enjoy learning more about Charles Dickens' local hangouts and influences. Ahh... London. In all her splendor and glory, pomp and circumstance, London delivers. In addition, a couple of the travelers will chunnel on over to Paris and enjoy the excess that is Versailles. One of the most beautiful rustic villages on the grounds of Versailles is Peasantville, which was Marie-Antoinette's retreat to escape the demands of the grand house. Oh my, how I envy those of you returning to London and Paris over the next few weeks!

While they're in London, I hope they will have the chance to visit The Tea House in Covent Garden; take a peek at the infamous 10 Downing Street (and marvel at its simplicity); and trek the hundreds of steps circling up into the dome of St. Paul's Cathedral. Oh, and there's Piccadilly Circus, Leicester Square and Trafalgar Square. And what about Big Ben and Parliament? Or the London Eye, to get that panoramic view of London and the extending countryside? Perhaps they might want to lay memorial flowers at the gates to Princess Diana's home at Kensington Palace? Enjoy the solemnity of the changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace (watch for the Royal Standard flag -- the Queen Mum will be home!). There's Shakespeare's Globe--a rustic and simple playhouse used by the bard, and of course Westminster Abbey (built in 960 A.D. ... 960!), where they can see the resting places of so many significant influences in British history.

Whatever they do, I hope they soak in this opportunity to experience two among many of the history-laden and culturally-rich cities in the world. We look forward to seeing a few photos and reading more about their trip in a future blog!

Bon voyage!

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