Monday, January 16, 2012

New Year, New Travels

The International Education program at Moraine Park Technical College looks forward to the opportunities for travel in 2012. Future blogs will highlight some of the trips, but for this first one to welcome us to the New Year, I wanted to congratulate Jeff Sonnleitner, Moraine Park’s IT Network Specialist instructor, on being granted a $500 scholarship from the WTCS International Education Committee to explore Italy during the summer. According to Jeff, his goals for this excursion are “to incorporate this trip into exploratory site inspections of a number of companies (Alitalia, Ferrari, Lamborghini or Maserati, Illy, and possibly Ferrero), a college or two (University of Siena) and start the ball rolling on setting up a Moraine Park student exchange to begin in 2013 with students from Italy.” Congratulations to Jeff for his selection as a recipient of this scholarship. The next blog will highlight Moraine Park’s London trip planned for March 17-27, 2012. Access this site for additional information related to this opportunity:  

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  1. It is always wonderful to be granted a scholarship and have the opportunity to travel abroad to study. Congratulations to Jeff!